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Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment (POST) Form

Palliative Care Partnership of the Roanoke Valley
Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the POST form?

A form containing orders by a physician who has personally examined a patient and had a discussion regarding that patient’s treatment preferences for end-of-life care.


For whom should a POST form be completed?

Use of the POST form is most appropriate for seriously ill persons with life-limiting or terminal illnesses.


Is a POST form required?

No. Completion of the POST form is voluntary, but it is encouraged so that all participating in a patient’s care can readily know the medical treatment the patient does and does not want at the end of life.


What if a patient has an advance directive?

The POST form reinforces the wishes that a patient expresses in a living will. In addition, the POST form translates patient's wishes into actionable, specific physician's orders.


Does a physician need to sign the POST form?

Yes. The POST form is a physician’s order and must be reviewed and signed by a physician who has examined and discussed the form with the patient.


Can a social worker, nurse or other health care professional fill out the POST form?

Yes. During the POST Pilot Project, social workers, nurses, and other health care professionals who have been trained as POST Advance Care Planning Facilitators can fill out the form with patients or the person authorized to make medical decisions on the patient's behalf.


Where should the original POST form be kept?

The original POST form should be kept with the patient at all times.


If I am a patient or caregiver how do I (we) obtain a POST form?

During the POST Pilot Project, people who reside in Roanoke County (including a nursing care facility in Roanoke County) may participate in the project. If you do reside in Roanoke County, you may request the POST form from your physician or healthcare professional.


If I am a healthcare professional how do I obtain the POST Form?

Contact a local participting agency :

Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital

Friendship Health & Rehab Center

Richfield Recovery and Care Center

Carilion Clinics Hospice – Roanoke

Good Samaritan Hospice -- Roanoke

Amedisys Hospice

Medi Home Health & Hospice

Or Contact: Laura Pole

Improving Patient-Physician Communication About End-Of-Life Care:

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